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Mar 01, 2021
In Family & Friends
JD was a great man. I knew when I wanted to ask his granddaughter, Alex, to marry me I wanted to ask for his blessing. I knew that if I was going to get a moment alone with him I would need to catch him during one of his daily walks with his beloved dog, Charlie. I raced up to him, tried to stop the quiver in my voice, and asked him for his blessing. He looked at me, looked at Charlie, me, Charlie, me...Charlie, and said "well, good luck to ya. I believe she will say yes." And I laughed. And he laughed. He could have just said Yes (as he did shortly after), but he knew that sometimes, the joke is just too good to not make. So while he laughed with his sly smile he gave me all the advice in the world for a happy marriage. And we shook hands and he carried on his walk. The thing about JD was how he made you feel special. He was interested in you, your life, your stories, and your goals. I always knew that I had JD's support and I will miss him dearly. - Russell
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